Unit Basics

Units are broken into 2 categories: Civilian and Military.

All Military units are customizable, but Civilian units are not.


Civilian units are capable of traveling between planet and space maps.(with unlocks)


Military Units are categorized further based on their Chassis/Hull type.

Mechs are the planetary military units which are built on Mech Chassis.

Ships are the space military units which are built on Ship Hulls.

Transports are built with special Ship Hulls capable of travel on planets and in space.


All units have a movement allowance of a certain amount of tiles per turn. Modular units will have access to modules that increase the movement allowance.


All units have 100 hit points. If a unit reaches 0 hit points, it is destroyed.


Civilian Units

Civilian units are used for all non military tasks in the game.

The Colonist

The Colonist Unit is probably the most staple unit to a 4x game. This is the first

unit that you start the game with, and you are able to found your first city. You will

then continue to expand your empire by building more Colonists and sending

them out to found more cities. These units will eventually be capable of traveling

in space, and will be able to hitch a ride on a Transport until that technology has

been discovered.


The Engineer

This unit is going to be clutch in Xenia’s Ark. The Engineer is capable of building

structures over raw resources to harvest and refine them. That of course is a

standard job of such a unit in a 4x game. In Xenia’s Ark, the Engineer Unit has

another vital role. Engineers will have the ability to perform “field repairs” and

“on site retrofitting” on Military units. A player will do good to send an Engineer

unit to accompany your troops when sending them on a mission. One will also be

wise to stay on the lookout for enemy Engineers hiding in their ranks and

assassinate that unit quickly!

The Explorer

Another staple unit of the 4x genre, we have the Explorer. You can’t make a 4x

game without having all of the 4 Xs right? the eXplorer will be immediately

capable of traveling out to space once built. This unit will be used for early

exploration of planets and continued exploration of the galaxy. The Explorer will

forfeit it’s planetary exploration duties to scouting drones as your civilization

advances in technology. The Explorer will never become obsolete however, as is

the case in so many 4x games. Even after completely uncovering all maps in the

game, there will be anomalies that continue to spawn for the duration of the

game that you will want your Explorer to be searching for.


The Diplomat

The Diplomat will be a key unit for players that enjoy a more passive and political

style of gameplay. This unit will be capable of swaying a cities’ allegiance and

ultimately cause a secession from their empire. The Diplomat will be key in

interacting and coexisting with the other races in the game.

More details to come…


The Spy

One thing we feel has been lacking in many of the recent 4x games is a good

espionage system. We are still working out all of the mechanics on the Spy unit

in Xenia’s Ark, but we can assure you that they will play a key role in many

different play styles.  Spies will be able to do many things behind the

scenes to disrupt other races and wage a  secret war.  They will be able

to infiltrate other cities and destroy key buildings, capture or kill other

leaders, and cause general havoc and disrupt a cities growth. In many

cases, what spies are able to do will make or break a battle without firing a

single shot.


Military Units

Military Units are modular.  You start by choosing a frame type(Mech Chassis or Ship Hull). Then you select the specific frame of that type and the modules which are compatible with that frame will become available. You can then fully customize your unit by adding any of the 4 module types to your unit.


Mech and Ship types

Raider Class Chassis (Mech) ============ Assassin Class Hull (Ship)

The Raider Class is designed with a philosophy typified by missions using mechs and ships in a guerilla style of warfare. Hit and runs, scouting missions, and long term exploration missions are best completed by the raider class with their light frames and   maneuverability.


Compatible Weapons: Energy(3 tile range – needs line of sight), Missiles(3 tile range)

Weight Capacity: 40

Movement: 3 tiles per turn

Actions: 2 actions per turn(Utility/Attack)


Orion Class Chassis (Mech) =========== Assault Class Hull(Ship)

The Focus Class is designed to be the center point, or rank and file of any military. These hulls strike a balance between the Raider and Foundation classes, they employ tools for a variety of long and short term missions without giving up too much of either extreme in design.


Compatible Weapons: Projectile(2 tile range – needs line of sight), Energy(3 tile range – needs line of sight)

Weight Capacity: 60

Movement: 2 tiles per turn

Actions: 2 actions per turn(Utility/Attack)


Kodiak Class Chassis (Mech) =========== Destroyer Class Hull(Ship)

The Foundation Class of Hulls are designed around the philosophy that bigger is better. These hulls have reinforced materials from corner to corner and support a variety of modules designed to cause large scale devastation.


Compatible Weapons: Projectile(2 tile range – needs line of sight)

Weight Capacity: 90

Movement: 2 tiles per turn

Actions: 2 actions per turn(Utility/Attack)


Titan Class Hull (Ship)

More of a mobile space station suited for battle than a ship, these hull types create the Capital ships, which are the signature vessel of any race and signify amazing achievements in science and manufacturing.


Titan Ships contain massive arsenals of  weapons of every form and shape. In addition to bombs and energy weapons, they double as massive launch pads for drones and smaller vessels.  Finally, Titan Ships serve as military and diplomatic hubs and contain buildings and offices through which  strategies of war are discussed, and important heads of state live and work.  


  Weapons: Projectile(2 tile range – needs line of sight), Energy(3 tile range – needs line of sight)

  Weight Capacity: 135

  Movement: 1 tiles per turn

   Actions: 3 actions per turn(Utility/Attack)


Modular Construction


All military units planetary and space,  are built through the manufacturing and assembly of different modules with ship hulls and mech chassis. These modules, engineered with technology discovered through science and research, are perfected in the crucible of  battle, both in space and on land. When finally ready to be mass produced,  modules become key components in powerful mech construction for planetary control, as well as for the construction of fast and powerful spaceships used to gain control of the galaxy.




In Xenia’s Ark there are 4 categories of modules available to military units. These are Weapon Modules, Defensive Modules, Utility Modules, and Armor Plating. Modules have a weight, production cost, and resource cost. Chassis and Hulls have a max tonnage capacity that limits the amount of modules they can hold. The modules production cost is added to the total production cost of the unit. Production cost affects how long it takes to build a unit. Resource cost on modules will be for (a) specific resource(s) and amount. You will need the specified amount of said resource(s) to build the unit.


Weapon Modules

There are 3 types of weapon modules in Xenia’s Ark: Missile, Energy, and

Projectile. Only certain types are compatible with each chassis or hull type.

Missiles have a 3 tile range, however are only compatible with the Raider

Chassis and Assassin Hull. Energy Weapons have a 2 tile range and are

compatible with Raider and Focus Chassis and Assassin and Assault Hulls.

Projectile Weapons have only a 1 tile range. They are compatible with Focus

and Foundation Chassis, as well as Assault and Destroyer Hulls.


Defensive Modules

Defensive Modules grant passive abilities of a defensive nature to the units.

An example of one of these passive abilities is the Missile Defense Turret.

These turrets will automatically intercept incoming missile attacks and reduce the

damage received.


Utility Modules

We wanted Xenia’s Ark combat to be more interactive than just attacks and

defense. Our goal is to allow players to really customize their combat experience

by making a wide range of interesting mechanics available to them. Utility

modules do just that! These modules grant interesting active abilities to the units.

You may have never even seen some of these mechanics in a 4x game before!

To give one example of the utility modules, the Cloaking Module allows a unit to

shield themselves from sight and tracking systems. The unit is capable of moving

while cloaked but will be revealed if they perform an action. We will be excited to

reveal information on more utility modules soon!


Armor Plating

Armor Plating is where a unit builds it’s defensive power. Defensive power is

calculated against an attackers offensive power(acquired from weapons), to

reduce incoming damage. Balancing the tonnage used between Armor Plating

and Weapon modules allows you to build units ranging from heavy armored, low

damage units, to “glass cannon” types.