The Game


Xenia’s Ark is still under development and as such all information on this site is subject to change.


Overall Objective

     In Xenia’s Ark there is one way to win the game: dominating the majority of the map. Now don’t think that means Xenia’s Ark only has a military victory. We aim to provide all play styles with an equal path to map domination. A player is considered to be controlling a planet if they have the highest population of citizens on that planet. Once a player has gained control of a majority of all planets in the game, they are victorious.



Game Map

     Xenia’s Ark has a very large game map that spans several solar systems. There are three levels to the map: Galaxy, Solar System, and Planet. The Galaxy level of the map provides players with a view of the entire galaxy and allows for interstellar travel. The Solar System level of the map allows for full gameplay including combat, exploration, harvesting resources, building space stations and more. There can be multiple solar systems in the game which allows for a great deal of space gameplay. Inside each solar system, there are multiple planets. Each planet has its own map, which is the Planet level of the map. This is where the game begins. On Planets you have full gameplay available as well. You can found cities, harvest resources, build automated defenses and so much more! Our goal is to stitch these 3 layers together allowing for diverse gameplay and maps that provide a unique experience every game.


Solar System:




     Xenia’s Ark has two categories of races. There are the five playable races, which arrived in Xenia at the beginning of the game after a catastrophic event destroyed their home. These races are more advanced than the native races of Xenia. There are six native races of Xenia. They are however spread across the galaxy divided into many different factions. The native races, while not playable, will have a big part in Xenia’s Ark gameplay. They serve the role of the typical barbarian or pirate that you see in other 4x games, while also adding much more depth to the game. The native races fall into one of 3 categories: Hostile, Neutral and Friendly. Read more about the races here.

                        Playable Races                                                                      Native Races

                         The Phaedon                                                                           Euchites

                       Science Specialists                                                                        Friendly


                         The Velacite                                                                            Audians

                     Economic Specialist                                                                       Friendly


                          The Morix                                                                             Donatists

                   Production Specialist                                                                      Neutral


                      The Assembly                                                                           Naassen

                    Cultural Specialist                                                                          Neutral


                        The Arkidoun                                                                         Orphites

                    Military Specialists                                                                        Hostile





     The universal currency throughout Xenia is the credit. This currency was established in Xenia long before the new races arrived. The player will be able to trade goods with other players for credits. They will also earn credits through the traditional ways found in a 4x game. Cities will work the land around it and certain terrain will yield credits. Space stations will work buildings of which some yield credits. Now what would a 4x game be if you simply earned currency, but didn’t spend it? Buildings will of course cost maintenance, as will units. A key element of the economy in Xenia’s Ark is the transport, and specifically the trade routes that they are capable of. The trade routes in Xenia’s Ark are more robust that what you would typically find in a 4x game. The player can use trade routes for a wide range of things. They could set a trade route to another city with a purchase order. They choose the resources/materials that they would like to purchase, and they set the max amount that they would like to spend. The player can choose if the trade route is continuous, or is to only run once. A trade route can also be set to sell goods, or even trade goods(bartering requires a diplomatic agreement). Finally, trade routes can be set to distribute resources throughout your empire. Read more about the economy of Xenia’s Ark here.

Trade Routes:



     As in most 4x games, industry plays a vital role in Xenia’s Ark. The player will harvest resources, refine them, and use them to build many number of things. Units will require special materials to build. Certain buildings will also require materials. The industrial system of Xenia’s Ark does have some differences from the standard 4x game. More similar to a system found in RTS (real-time strategy) games, each city will have a reserve of the materials that are harvested to it. When something is built that requires those materials, that amount is expended. If a city does not have those materials available to it, it cannot queue up the production job. Resources can also be traded to other races for credits or other resources. In Xenia’s Ark, resources are harvested through tile improvements. Unlike many 4x games however, those resources need not be inside a city’s borders. You will only receive half of the yield per turn if the resources harvested are outside of your city’s borders. Other players will be able to destroy your improvement to build their own, or simply to inhibit you from gaining those resources. Cities will have access to resources that are in your other cities, so long as neither city involved has been blockaded.

Tile Improvements:




     Perhaps our most innovative system designed for Xenia’s Ark, we have the research and science system. As you would expect of a 4x space strategy game, Xenia’s Ark’s research system allows you to select a technology from the current tier of research that you are in, and you will earn research points towards that technology each turn. Once you have unlocked the required amount of technologies in the current tier, you unlock the next tier of research. Sounds pretty straight forward right? Well here is where Xenia’s Ark differs from other 4x games. Once you have discovered a technology, and have built an innovations lab in at least one city, a player will be allowed to choose a technology for innovation. Research points will also advance the progress of innovations and once you have acquired enough research, that technology will be improved with one of the innovations available to it. There are multiple innovations available to each technology, but the player does not get to control which of those innovations will be discovered. (Read information on the races to find out about the exception) Another interesting aspect of our research system, is that you can gain more research from resources that you have yet to discover. When you find a new resource that you do not yet know the technology for, you will be able to build a research site on that resource. The research site will yield research points each turn until that resource is discovered and unlocked. Read more about the Xenia’s Ark research system here.


Social System

     We want our social system to be an integrated part of the entire game; something that feels alive rather than just a list of “perks” that you choose from. We designed a social system from the ground up for Xenia’s Ark. At the foundation of this system lies the Social Classes. Each citizen born in a city will be born into one of the 5 social classes: Intelectual, Industrial, Economic, Cultural, or Militaristic. There are certain buildings that cater to each social class. Approval rating in each city is based on the individual approval rating of each citizen of that city. Social classes have a large impact on a citizen’s approval rating.

     Building on to the social classes, we added Great Leaders to the game. Great Leaders will be of one of the 5 social classes, and can be set to govern a city. Assigning a Great Leader to a city who’s citizens are mostly of the same social class will give optimal results. Great Leaders are also capable of founding an ideology, improving an ideology and spreading that ideology to other cities. These ideologies will have affects on many aspects of gameplay. Read more about the social system here.



     The political system of Xenia’s Ark is still in early stages of development. We can provide you with some information on this system however. There will be two civilian units that are a part of the political system: The Diplomat and the Spy. The Diplomat will play a key role for the more diplomatic type of 4x gamer. A player will be able to move a diplomat to an enemy city, and if they have enough influence over that city, ignite a succession. More details to come on that. The Spy will be used regularly by almost all types of players. The Spy is capable of performing assassination or kidnapping missions in which they can take out a governor of an enemy city. Spies will also be capable of performing several other espionage mission. As we continue developing the political system, we aim to build the best espionage system since Master of Orion II. Read more about the political system here.

The Spy:


Check back regularly for more information on the game.