Economic Specialists

“Buy for one, sell for three.”
– Jonine “The Barterer” Trawets

Racial Traits:

Prosper or Die:  Significant increase in economic output of all cities.

Wealth is Earned:  Increase in the production of each city when a Retail Store is built.


Special Ability:

Bribe (Spy):  Ability to buyout enemy troops and turn them to your side.


Special Module:

Encrypted Vault (freighter only):  Allows goods that would be lost when a freighter is destroyed to be returned instead to the empire.


     Once, all the wealth of the Velacite was held by a small minority, passed from parents to children, leaving the overwhelming majority to live in poverty.  At a meeting of the Royal Council, a brave poor farmer walked into the chamber and demanded to be heard.  He spoke of how the hard work of the poor was being punished, while the laziness of the rich was being rewarded, and how it could only lead to ruin for the empire.  This speech, later to be written down and passed on through generations, became the cornerstone of their society.  For the Velacite, wealth is the only true virtue, poverty the only true vice.  But this wealth must be obtained from one’s own labors.  What a Velacite owns, a Velacite has earned.  As soon as they enter the age of learning, children are taken from their families and placed in schools to learn economics. And once mastered, they must then choose a field to be educated in where they believe they can be most successful.  This decision is usually influenced by the scarcity of people in that field and the aptitude of the person.  Upon completion of school, they are given a small sum of money, some clothes, and the admonition, “Prosper or die.”  The poverty rate for the Velacite is nearly zero, although the suicide rate is rather high.