Science Specialists

“To begin, nothing is possible, then we learn.  Through discovery, in the end all will be possible.”
– Glaedor the Ousian

Racial Traits:

Ouisian Rule: Increase in science output of all cities.

Rigid Experimentation:  Player gets to choose their innovations rather than it being randomly determined.


Special Abilities:

Infinite Curiosity:  No limitations on how many times a player can innovate a technology; however, the cost is doubled each time a particular technology is innovated.


Special Buildings:

Advanced Research Site (tile improvement):  Replaces research site, increase to research yield on the site.


     It is believed that the first large scale problem caused by the Gravitational Waves occurred on the homeworld of the Phaedon over a millenia ago.  Volcanoes sprouted, almost all at once, across the length and breadth of the entire planet.  Either by chance or providence, the King at the time had become enamoured with a group that had dedicated themselves to the study of nature — the Ousians.  The King was convinced that the only way to save the Phaedon was to put all hope into this group of burgeoning scientists and divert all resources into executing whatever plan they devised.  The Ousians first determined the safest places to move the cities, then the best ways to contain the rivers and oceans of lava, and finally ways to use and convert the volcanoes into sources of power.  All of this was achieved in less than two generations. The king decreed that the study of nature would be the highest activity for all Phaedons, then renounced his throne and declared that the Ousians would rule the Phaedon empire henceforth. Science has been heralded ever since as the salvation of not only the Phaedon, but the entire Universe.