Industry Specialists

“While they sleep, we toil, and that shall be their undoing.”
– Anonymous Morix Slave

Racial Traits:

Sleep is for the Dead:  Significant increase in industry in all cities.

Morix Ingenuity:  Significant reduction in upkeep cost per turn for all units and buildings after a Manufacturing Plant is built in each city.


Special Ability:

Optimized Repair (Engineer):  Once per turn can instantly repair mech/ship to full.


Specialized Buildings:

Deep Mine (tile improvement):  Increase in yield when built on strategic resources.


     A once enslaved race, forced to labor long and hard for their overlords, the Morix did not bemoan their fate, but decided to better themselves, learn from their enslavers, and eventually conquer them. The Morix toiled in brutal conditions during the day, then forged their weapons of war overnight — evolving over the centuries to need very little sleep.  They learned how to use materials more efficiently, and using less material while slaving during the day, they hoarded the leftover material to build the machines of war that eventually led to their freedom.  They are convinced that labor is not just what brought them from slavery, but what will allow them to conquer the universe.  The Morix start working as soon as they can walk, and will continue to work until the moment they die.  They have never forgotten the lessons learned from their time as slaves — hard work, perseverance, and ingenuity can allow one to conquer all.