Cultural Specialists

“What in all the universe is more powerful and conquering than beauty?  Beauty draws all souls to it and gives them clarity.”
-from On Beauty and the Soul by Aggrimede


Racial Traits:

Aesthetes:  Significant increase in culture output in all cities.

Rhetoricians:  Influence significantly increased when Social Forum is built.


Special Ability:

Cult of Personality (Spy):  Ability to convert an enemy city.


Special Building:

Monument (Tile Improvement):  Built on a neutral tile; increases influence plante-wide. 


     The Assembly are known for being artists, poets, musicians, sculptures, but above all else, gifted with an ability for rhetoric that works so well, it is rumored that they are actually able to control the minds of other beings.  The Assembly started as a small band of travelers that fled a neighboring galaxy to escape the armies of the Kolox, a race bent on destruction and immune to the charm, persuasion, and charisma of the Assembly.  Upon entering the galaxy, Ousia Omina, they talked their way into sharing a home with other races.  These races held the Assembly in highest esteem and from them learned to create their own great works of art, speeches that would bend all but the most obstinate, and music that would tame all but the most savage.  Ultimately, these host races took on the identity of the Assembly.  Over the centuries the Assembly have made their gains not through the waging of war, but by engaging in debate and attracting others through the sheer beauty of their society.