Military Specialists

“Others may be smarter, more frugal, gifted with silver tongues, or may even work harder — beaten into submission, each would make excellent slaves”
– Kalistor the Callous

Racial traits:

War Machine:  All Military modules have a significantly decreased production cost.

Precision Weaponry:  All Missile Weapons have an increase in range by 1 tile when the Radar Tower is built in all cities.


Special Ability:

Forward Base (tile improvement):  Allows a city’s units to spawn where this improvement is built. 


Special Module:

Tractor Beam:  Allows a unit to pull enemy units to them from range.


     Once a diverse collection of warring tribes, the Arkidouns were deep in the midst of global in-fighting when a spacecraft crashed landed on the planet.  A few tribes tried in vain to fight and kill these invaders, but were easily defeated by the more advanced technology of the foreigners.  For the first time, the leaders of the disparate tribes of the Arkidouns gathered together in peace to discern how to meet this threat.  They decided to lay down arms against each other and take them up against these newcomers.  First they befriended these travellers, learned their secrets, improved on them where they could, and eventually used their technology against them and eradicated them.  With this newly gained knowledge of peoples beyond their own planet, and the ability to travel to other worlds, the leaders of the tribes decided to unite under one banner. Internal disputes would still be settled by a fight to the death; leaders would still be chosen by ritualized single combat; society would still be dedicated to the fashioning of war; but they would now quench their thirst for blood with enemies beyond their own planet.  A course that eventually led to the the Great Chaos War that engulfed the entirety of the galaxy Ousia Omina.