Playable Races



Phaedon sketch

Science Specialists — An ethereal race whose devotion to scientific discovery allows them to conquer all by knowing all.


Velacite sketch

Economic Specialists — A race who worships wealth as the only true virtue which allows them to buy all it needs to ensure victory.



Morix sketch

Industry Specialists —  A once enslaved race who used their own labor and ingenuity to break their shackles; their industry will allow them to take over this new galaxy.


Arkidoun sketch

Military Specialists — A once tribal race that abandoned their civil wars to wage war on all other races, both in their former galaxy and in this new one.



Assembly sketch

Cultural Specialists — A race that has now had to abandon two different galaxies; their gifts for art and rhetoric allow them to conquer other races through more diplomatic means.







Native Races


Beings that have made the planets and the space in Xenia their home for thousands of years, long before the arrival of the new races. Some natives are friendly and willing to trade, others are hostile and see any outsiders as enemies to be destroyed.



Friendly Natives

**Increased Favor Through : Trade routes, Strong Science, Strong Culture

**Decreased Favor Through : Aggressive Actions, Large Armies by their resources


     A Terran based people who live in very loose groups. They are extremely concerned with what they believe is the sacred nature of all life in the universe. Euchites are very slow to anger, but will resort to violence when other options have proved inadequate. Once angered, they become righteous and are dangerous and feared. As a highly evolved and intelligent race, they tend to look down on other races




     An extremely organized and structured society of people, who are characterized by Law and Order. They are not a religious society, and view only their own government as absolute authority over all matters, private or public. The government is controlled by one person, called the Melchist, who is elected for life from an inner circle of bureaucrats. The Melchist runs Audian government as a dictator, but in practice often relies on council from those who he was appointed from. As with any organized institution, corruption is present and very often is concentrated most in the Melchist’s inner circle of advisors.


Neutral Natives

Very Isolationist. Do not go out of their way to Trade with others. Does not attack unless they are threatened directly. Maintain their own borders and will not fight for resources unless already under their control.

**Increased Favor Through: Trades that favor them (an even 1 to 1 trade will not increase or decrease neutral natives favor)

**Decreased Favor through : Settling cities near them, or near their resources, having large armies near them



     Donatists are an Oceanic bases people who live in large tribal societies, whose economies are based completely off trading for various goods. They hold currency, or anything to do with their economy to the level of religious belief, and their sole purpose is to become wealthy. Their tribal societies are structured into strict class systems, which are completely merit based.

   All Donatists when reaching adulthood are completely forsaken by their families and are exiled with no personal belongings and left to completely fend for themselves. They will each then climb up the economic ladder to establish their name and contribute to greater society.





     The Naassen are a group of Lizard like people, of low intelligence. They have the capabilities of speech, and are not completely hostile, but rarely see beyond their own very simple short term goals. They are excellent in fighting hand to hand, and their particular tribes’  greedy hoarding of gold, silver, or any other types of jewels.

    Their society is loosely structured into tribal groups with a single Chieftain in each group. Anyone in Naassen society who wishes to become chief, must simply kill the current chief in single combat.



Hostile Natives

Very aggressive. Will attack very often completely unprovoked. Very difficult to befriend or trade with. Will go out of their way to explore and exploit all resources in the map that they can take over through military might. Will spawn ships and take over new planets if possible.

++Increased Favor : Very slowly through extreme aggressiveness and large armies

++Decrease Favor: start at war with all other natives/players



     Have very exclusive small cults that they belong too. They are openly hostile to anyone outside of their cult, even others of the same race. Orphite Cults all have slightly differing structure, but all include a priest, or someone responsible for the cult rituals, as well as a war chief, who is responsible for all military tactics. The cult priest and war chief are completely equal, and serve as checks on each other’s power.




     The Sethian race is a race of completely synthetic beings. No one is quite sure which race Sethians spawned from, or if they possibly predate every other race in the universe. The only things that are known of Sethians is that they are native to Gas planets, and they are extremely dangerous. Sethians are a completely linked group of beings, and share instant communication with each other, through various networking abilities in a sort of computer telepathy. They are all machine, and can take on various forms and sizes. The one single Sethian goal is control of all planetary resources, and when they come across other natives or races they will either destroy them, or enslave them for biological experimentation.