“Captain, the G-Wave must have knocked out our orbital thrusters before we went through the wormhole.  I can’t control the ship.”


“Status report. Where are we?”


“We’re definitely in the galaxy Xenia, habitable planet right in front of us.  Coming in fast.”


“Should we land there?”


“I don’t see as we have much choice, Captain.  We’ll either land there or crash there.  But that’s where we’re going.”


“Do we have the positions of the other ships?”


“I’ve located less than 20, but they are spread all over this system.”


“Open a channel, we need to figure this out fast.”


“Negative, Captain.  We can’t send or receive any communication.”


“What about the distress buoys, please tell me at least those are operational.”


“Sorry, Captain, looks like the buoys deployed while we were going through the wormhole.”


“Captain, the emergency shoots look to be fully operational.  We may not be able pick exactly where we land, but we should be able to land, and not crash.”


“Great.  I’ll take any good news I can get at this point.  How long till we enter the atmosphere?”


“10 minutes, sir.”


“Any chance of getting those thrusters repaired to some degree before that?”


“Aye, Captain.  We’ll have nominal control of the ship right before we hit the atmosphere.  Just pick us out a spot and I’ll get us there.”


“Bring up a map of the planet. . . No, that’s no good.  That’s worse.  There.  Do you see it?  Looks like fresh water and plenty of resources.  Put us there.”


“Aye, Captian.”


“Thrusters are barely working but I can get us there.  Wait for my mark to deploy the landing shutes.”


. . .


. . .


“Everyone ready for hard landing.”


. . .


“Mark!  Deploy now!”


“Chutes deployed.  Speed decreasing. . . still decreasing. . . we’re not slow enough captain.”


“Brace for impact!”


     The Black Holes had been growing and moving toward each other for millions of years — long before life had evolved in this galaxy  — before it could even be called a galaxy.  The effects had been storied in lore as the blessings of the gods in the form of auroras that covered entire planets and dark omens foretold by the strange disappearance of stars.  But in the past couple of centuries, the effects of the gravitational waves (G-Waves) produced by the twin black holes has been studied by scientists and are growing ever more destructive across the entire galaxy.  Planets are now having their orbits altered to the point of making them almost uninhabitable, or even put on collision courses with other planets.



     A representative from each empire in the galaxy was sent to meet on the home planet of the Phaedron Empire — an empire renown for science, prosperity, and peace.  A century earlier, the very same hall had seen an end to the Great Chaos War that had engulfed the entire galaxy for nearly two centuries.  Now they will be trying to forge a means of survival, as the entire galaxy is under imminent threat of destruction by foes they cannot fight.  After 500 days of questions, ideas, and debate, the empires unanimously agree to abandon the only galaxy they have called home, and sojourn to places unknown in order that their empires may live on.



     It is estimated that the galaxy will be uninhabitable, if not outright destroyed, in no more than 50 years.  The Phaedon had recently developed wormhole technology that would allow travel to the farthest stretches of the universe in a matter of moments. This new and untested technology will be the means by which the races will survive and live on elsewhere.  The empires, united by this cause, diverted all resources to the development of the technology, scouting of the universe, and the building of the Great Arks that would transport the empires to their new foreign homes.



     The empires met again after new galaxies had been scouted.  They debated, argued, wrangled, and finally settled on a new galaxy to reestablish their empires.  An ancient Phaedron word for “Hospitality” — generosity and courtesy shown to those who are far from home — is chosen as the name for their new home.   It will be known as Xenia.



     You have been appointed leader of the Great Ark of your people.  The day you have yearned for and dreaded is here as your Ark sets a heading for the wormhole you have been assigned to travel into.  The fear and hope of your people heavily weigh on you as you consult the starcharts and maps of the planets that await you on the other side.  The Great Ark approaches the coordinates for staging before the launch through the wormhole, when a giant G-Wave hits your ship.  Sensors detect at least another three or four in its wake.  You have no choice but to launch now.  The survival of the Empire in your hands.


“Get us through that wormhole now!  Time to find a new home.  This one doesn’t want us anymore. . . “