Q. When will Xenia’s Ark be released?

A. “When it is ready” 😉 Seriously though, we do not have a release date yet, but we are aiming to finish Xenia’s Ark in 2016.


Q. What are the system requirements for Xenia’s Ark?

A. We have not determined the minimum system requirements yet. We are aiming for Xenia’s Ark to be playable on mobile devices, so it should run on any gaming PC built in the past 5 years.


Q. Will Xenia’s Ark have online multiplayer?

A. Yes Xenia’s Ark will have online multiplayer and hotseat at full release.


Q. Can I help test Xenia’s Ark while it is in development?

A. We aren’t ready for testers yet, but when we are we will have a means to sign up right here on the website.


Q. What platforms will Xenia’s Ark be released on?

A. We plan to launch Xenia’s Ark on Steam. We will be aiming to launch on Android and iOS months later.


Q. When will your Steam Greenlight campaign begin?

A. We have set the goal of kicking off our Greenlight campaign in the spring/summer of 2016.


Q. How can I contact Malicious Games if I have any questions?

A. You can email us at info@maliciousgames.com