The Civilians of Xenia’s Ark


       An empire can have the greatest military in the entire universe, but if its civilians aren’t motivated and organized, the empire will never prosper. Military units are designed to destroy and conquer, they have no long term imperial strategies. Civilians  conquer in a different way by taming the wild unknown lands around them. Specialized workers, or engineers, are able to build structures and defend their territories, while explorers go forth and find new worlds, bringing the culture and workings of their empire to new unknown races. The Empire’s military may make victory possible in the short term, but it is only through an empire’s civilians that they are able to thrive and prosper from generation to generation.

    Civilians may not be martial fighters, but they contain the courage necessary to bring an empire to new and possibly hostile worlds. The colonists are the vanguards of civilized society, and they bring new life to distant frontiers.  Engineers are builders of society, specialized workers who create physical infrastructures. The Great Leaders organize and govern these colonists on distant worlds. Colonists will take an untamed wilderness on a foreign planet, extract its resources, and turn it into a large metropolis, creating new centers of power in an empire.

    While colonists and engineers build new outposts for an empire on planets and in space, explorers go even further into the abyss. Colonists may be the first citizens to tame hostile new lands, but it is explorers who are the first civilians to set eyes on these new lands. Explorers push the bounds of the known universe, charting new star systems, and, more importantly, making contact with other races and empires. Through this contact, diplomacy is established and, whether for good or ill, the fates of war and peace between empires are all set into motion.

    In the midst of empire building and exploration, arises perhaps the most powerful civilian of all — the spy. A good spy is never known, and never seen, but is able to live and work within the confines of enemy (or friendly) cities, all the while delivering crucial information back home. A spy is not part of the regular military, but is the most dedicated soldier in an empire because not only do they risk their lives through deception on a daily basis, they are also willing to sacrifice themselves at any given time, if captured by the enemy.

   The civilian class of Xenia’s Ark are the glue that holds empires together. The lowly colonists risk life and limb to grow their small frontier to a large city on distant realms. The specialized builders and engineers lay the physical groundwork while explorers and spies find and insinuate themselves into other races. Mighty Destroyer ships and Kodiak Mechs may create large swaths of destruction across the galaxy, but all know that without the efforts of simple peaceful civilians the domination of the galaxy of Xenia would not be possible.

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