The Titan, a Capital Achievement

“Military Glory — that attractive rainbow that rises in rivers of blood”

  -Abraham Lincoln

       Conquering the massive collection of vital resources in the galaxy will be a monumental challenge for any empire. Planetary orbits of all types and sizes will need to be guarded, light years of space between resource nodes will need to be patrolled, vulnerable space stations will need protecting, not to mention the cities sitting on the planets below. The Titan is the primary tool for this job. The Titan is a signature achievement for any empire.

        The capital ships that are built upon the Titan Hull are the ultimate space vessels, and signify amazing achievement in, not only science and innovation, but an Empire’s capacity for production. The Titan is more of a mobile battle station.  With such a large weight capacity, the customization options will be nearly infinite, as you equip massive amounts of offensive, defensive, and utility modules, and even hangar bays that allow other smaller ships to be carried inside, obscuring the actual size of an Empire’s Armada.  The Titan is the ultimate in space combat in Xenia’s Ark.

     The Titan has been the launch pad for the beginning of many wars, and surprise planetary engagements. It serves as the ultimate utilitarian outpost: able to launch offensive weapons, guard Engineers crucial to keeping battle lines repaired, and escort colonizing operations to strategic points throughout the galaxy. The Titan also serves as the ultimate forward base, with the ability to launch scouting drones, and probes on long term missions to scout sectors of space and report back.

     In addition to being a mobile battle station, the Titan Hull also serves as a diplomatic way station, as it contains many essential buildings and offices at which important strategic meetings take place, and where heads of state can live and work. The massive Titan ship has been the place through which many treaties have been signed, ending large scale wars.

     Every empire making a play for power in Xenia will have memorable events, and moments that define its rise or fall. These moments, no matter if defined by victory on the battlefield or in the diplomatic office, will always revolve around the capital ships of an Empire. And whether they are used to make war or broker peace, the Titan Ships will be necessary if one is to take control of the galaxy of Xenia.

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