The Kodiak and the Destroyer

“ The bigger they are…the more they hurt”

 -Morix Engineer

       In every battle, there are those units that are referred to as Elite. Units which take a lot of resources to produce and a lot is expected from them on the battlefield. The Kodiak Chassis and the Destroyer Hull are two such examples. These units are constructed by only the most knowledgeable of engineers, and require a large amount of both planetary and space resources to manufacture. They are big and slow, but immensely powerful, and have the capacity to field more weapons and modules than any other military unit, save for the Titan, which will get its own dev blog later.

     Kodiak Bears are by far the largest subspecies of brown bear —  unique in their strength and power. It is from this majestic animal that the Kodiak Chassis receives its name. A Kodiak Mech requires a great deal of resources to produce, and will not be a unit that any empire can make in great quantity. It is for this reason that every Kodiak Mech is equipped to make a difference on the battlefield. The Kodiak’s speed isn’t noteworthy, but it does come with more weight capacity than any other mech, and because of this, it can be outfitted in much more powerful ways than the smaller classes of mechs under it. Kodiaks have the power and strength to break a stalemate, and it only takes a few of them to make a large difference.  A player must also carefully consider the strategic and tactical role of the Kodiak in the larger army.  Despite the fact that the Kodiak can give and take a beating like no other mech, it will most certainly become the focus of an enemy’s attack.  The customization of a Kodiak before it is produced will be just as important as its positioning in a battle after it is produced.  And the player that is most able to bring this mighty beast to bear in a battle, will surely be the one left standing at the end.

     As the Kodiak is to ground combat, so is the Destroyer to space combat.  It is as its name implies. These ships Destroy any other ships they come into contact with. Like their planetside counterpart, the Kodiak, the Destroyer Ships are built from top to bottom for massive power. Their Hull capacities allow for more offensive, defensive, and utilities modifications than most other ships, and larger engines to power it all. The Destroyer is designed so that its very presence can demoralize enemy troops, even before firing a single shot. When it does fire, the reason for its name and reputation become evident.  Players of Xenia’s Ark would do well not to underestimate the capabilities of this large and powerful ship.

     Both the Kodiak Mech and the Destroyer ship are engineering marvels. They are the cornerstones of either ground mech armies or space fleets patrolling the stars.  A military should be built and customized to compliment and support the Kodiak and the Destroyer. Not every empire will look to dominate the galaxy of Xenia with sheer firepower and military might, but you can be sure that the ones who do will rely on the potency of the Kodiak and Destroyer.

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