The Planets and Their Resources

“If you think this universe is bad, you should see some of the others.”

-Philip K. Dick

     The galaxy of Xenia is vast. A multitude of planets are waiting to be colonized, conquered, and exploited. Some of these alien planets will be hospitable and easy to colonize, while other planets will be hostile and take a great deal of effort to subdue. All of these planets will contain vast resources that will be needed to do everything from feeding citizens, to generating key components for the massive weapons of the future. How these new planets are conquered and their resources collected will be the biggest factor on the path to victory in Xenia’s Ark.


     Imagine a critical resource sitting in the alcove of a jungle planet — a small spec in the midst of a large solar system. This resource has yet to be discovered, and nevertheless, it holds the key to victory. This resource, when extracted, will allow for the development of weapons never before seen by any race. Weapons, which when developed, will break the gridlock of the seemingly endless war between two races. This small jungle planet with its hidden resource will turn the tide of battle, and may even cause a race which was once on the verge of extinction, to reverse the course of war.


     Harvesting this key resource will not be an easy task. Life in Xenia’s Ark does not begin with knowledge of all things the universe has to offer. Finding this small jungle planet is only the beginning. A race landing on the planet may know something valuable is there, but will not yet know all of its practical uses. By unlocking important technologies, practical uses for resources found on many planets and throughout open space are uncovered, as well as, more efficient means of extracting those very same resources.  Going from discovery to implementation is a long journey, and many strategic choices will need to be made along the way — every choice will have its own consequences.


     It may be easy to guard a precious resource within the walls of your city, but at times it will be necessary to take chances and extract resources that are further away. The resources needed to build your empire will be encountered throughout space, as well as, on each of the many planets. Where and how you decide to safeguard these resources will be another important factor to consider. The galaxy of Xenia is a big place, and guarding the resources needed now, while securing the resources that will be needed in the future, will be a difficult task that will mean the difference between merely surviving (or not), or surpassing other empires on your way to victory.


     Once the technologies have been unlocked and the extraction of resources established, the cities closest to the extraction site will stockpile the resources from that site, and resources will be consumed as needed when units and buildings are produced by the city. They can also be traded throughout your empire, as well as, to other empires, as long as your supply lines are maintained. Defense of these supply lines will be critical because if an important planet is blockaded by the enemy, the resources coming from that planet are no longer available to your empire, and, more importantly, the crucial unit can no longer be built outside of that blockaded planet.


     A small jungle planet may make all the difference, but unless the resources are extracted and safeguarded properly, and the proper technologies researched, these resources will never add the necessary element to your empire’s warmachine.   Resources will be a common thread running through most aspects of the game. In addition to being the building blocks for important units and buildings, they will be fought over and secured by these same units. They will be traded between cities and across empires. Battles will be waged for them on a planet’s surface and in space, and they will be gained and lost due to political intrigue, espionage, and trade deals gone wrong. In a sense, this small small resource node in the corner of one planet can be seen as a mirror reflecting the struggle for control of the entire galaxy of Xenia.

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