The Orion Mech and Assault Ship


“Know thy self, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories.”

-Sun Tzu


   The Orion Class Chassis and the Assault Class Hull are the very heart and soul of the military in Xenia’s Ark. They are the core components upon which the foundation of the military is built. The Orion and the Assault are going to be the majority force in most battles, as they are meant to line up toe to toe and either hold a line, or destroy it. While supported by various other Mechs and Spaceships, these medium Chassis and Hulls can also serve many different purposes throughout Xenia.

     The Orion Chassis is a medium sized chassis built with access to energy and projectile weapons, but with no missile capabilities. Without the ability to move as quickly as the Raider, the Orion will not be as adept at hit and run attacks, but the tradeoff being that it is built tougher with more firepower, and can stand head to head with other mechs of the same or even greater size.  How a race is able to deploy these Mech will be a testament to that race’s ability, as the Orion’s uses will only be limited by imagination.

     The Assault Class Hull is the workhorse of military spacecraft. These ship hulls are not overly expensive, but like their planetary counterpart, the Assault Hull, will have a variety of possible uses. The combination of projectile and energy weapon hubs, along with an increased weight capacity over the smaller class of hulls means that these Assault ships can be fielded in battle in a variety of ways. They can be built as frontline offensive fighters, as survivable damage soakers, or even as powerful utility vehicles, but no matter how they are customized, the Assaults will be the hallmark of any military.

      In Xenia’s Ark, the Orion and Assault are the nucleus of the military.  Planetary battles along beautiful landscapes will be filled with the scattered parts of mangled Orion Mechs, while miles above in orbit, thousands of Assault Ships will fight to control space, raining destruction on the enemy. These battles will not be a simple matter of numbers, but rather a battle of innovation and tactics to see how these Spaceships and Mechs can be customized to best suit a strategic purpose.  Like all other units in Xenia’s Ark, how you design and use the Orion Mechs and the Assault Ships will be more important than how many you produce.

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