The Raider and the Assassin


“Speed is the essence of war” -Sun Tzu

     Every good military force needs a unit that can go faster and scout further with the speed and maneuverability to stay alive, while in the middle of hostile territory. The Raider and the Assassin hull types, named for their primary purpose, fill this role in Xenia’s military with ruthless efficiency.  The units in Xenia’s Ark are customizable, and the hulls and chassis will be the foundation of a ship’s design and purpose.

     The Raider Mech chassis was created primarily for scouting and raiding missions on the planet’s surface. Whether a Terran, Arid, Jungle, or any other planet type, the Raider chassis are light enough to build speedy and lethal machines from. The primary offensive force of the Raider is energy and missile weapons,  which allow for ranged attack. Paired with the fastest movement speed of any of the mechs, it becomes a unit that can get in and out of tight spots quickly.

     The Assassin Hull is an essential tool for your space fleet that fills the same purpose in space that the Raider chassis does on the planet’s surface. The ships built on the Assassin Hull will allow the player to cross the stars of Xenia to get to important places in the nick of time. Much like the Raider Mech chassis,  Assassin  ships will also allow for tons of strategic possibilities for the player through the modules built on top of them.

     In Xenia’s Ark, there will be extended battles that spread, not only across an entire planet, but also throughout the space around the planet.  Massive ships will fight for control of the space stations above, while colossal mechs battle for control over resources and cities on the planets below.  While these units can face off in a protracted struggle for ages, it is the smaller, faster, more maneuverable forces like the Raider Mech on the ground, who can capture a key resource or city, or the Assassin Ship in space, who can spot enemy positions and find weak spots in the enemy’s defenses that can truly turn the tide of battle, and even the war for control of Xenia.

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