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The Military of Xenia’s Ark

     We all dream of peace and harmony throughout the galaxy, and we build our militaries only as a defensive force….right?


     Who am I kidding, everyone who steps into the world of space strategy has a desire to conquer, and even though it isn’t the only option, military might in Xenia’s Ark is an important tool  to achieving galactic domination.


     When we started developing Xenia’s Ark,  we wanted to create a game in which the military units that you build could  be unique and specialized,  but would not become obsolete  as the game progressed. What we came up with to achieve this goal was a system of unit construction that is modular and customizable.


     Players can  build their military units on top of the major hull and chassis and custom fit them with specialized modules designed to do the task at hand. These hull and chassis types, both for land based Mechs as well as spacecraft, are balanced against each other to be  completely viable throughout the course of the game. Retrofitting a Raider chassis you built 100 turns ago with a newer weapons module will keep your Mech viable against anything that will be thrown at you in the future. With a slew of offensive, defensive and specialized utility modules to custom fit on your hulls and chassis, the combinations are nearly endless.


     What types of weapons systems will you fit your Assassin Class hull with to zip across the galaxy? Will you stack missiles and energy weapons for maximum offensive capabilities, or will you play a more subtle role as a stealthy scout ship by adding on a cloaking module? You will be faced with these types of choices for every ship and mech that you outfit for your military, and these decisions will determine the success or failure of your military strategy.