Xenia's Ark

Xenia’s Ark: Taking the 4X genre to new heights. . . and depths

A first of its kind, turn-based, 4x game combining both full planetary and full galactic game play. Xenia’s Ark starts off similarly to many other 4X games — founding a starting city and exploring, expanding, exploiting, and exterminating. But what makes this game different is that after that first city is founded, it is possible to find, explore, and found cities on other planets. Multiple empires can have cities in the same system, or even on the same planet.

By way of introducing Xenia’s Ark, we would first like to give a brief overview of the civilian units. Once the technology to go back into space has been unlocked, all of the civilian units are able to travel on planet surfaces, in star systems, and throughout galaxy.

Colony Ship

The Colony Ship

To grow from a small crash site of displaced survivors into the dominant empire of the galaxy, there will have to be more cities. The Colony Ship has all it needs to begin the process of turning an inhospitable rock into the next burgeoning metropolis.

The Engineer

Once resources are found on planet surfaces and in star systems, the Engineer will go out and build extraction sites and other tile improvements to properly exploit all the galaxy has to offer. The Engineer will also build defensive structures and create field repair kits and upgrade Mechs in the field.


The Freighter

This unit simply gets the resources that are needed to the place where they are needed. From supplying distant barren outposts with the resources they need to grow, to trading with cities within the same empire and cities in other empires, the Freighter is the unit that will move resources around.

The Explorer

The primary unit used in exploring star systems and the galaxy. With its speed and sensor arrays, it will scout territories in space and investigate anomalies along the way.


The Spy

From gathering information on enemies and allies, to defending from or perpetrating terrorist attacks, to disrupting or safeguarding supply lines and trade routes, the Spy is the unit that bridges the gap between peace and war.